COSA's Seventh Tradition states "Every COSA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions".

You need COSA = COSA needs you!

Our fellowship needs your financial support. We reach inward to help ourselves, as well as outward to help those who are still suffering. We need to extend a helping hand toward our fellows. In recovery, we learn to carry the message instead of the addict!

Here is an easy way to donate while you are shopping. 

All donations to COSA are tax deductible!

Financial donations in the form of one-time gifts, or a commitment to regular support, are ways to ensure the work of COSA continues. Your financial donations provide necessary resources to aid in daily outreach and membership services. The following outreach and communication functions cost the most money: operating and expanding our COSA website; publishing and distributing the official COSA newsletter, the Balance; supporting the development of new literature for the fellowship; hiring special workers; and reaching out to the general public to spread the word about the gifts of the COSA program.