2019 MP3 Collection


Here is the entire mp3 collection for the 2019 Convention in Houston!

  • 2019-01 Step Three: Made a Decision in God's Care
  • 2019-02 Diversity in COSA Recovery
  • 2019-03 Working the COSA Program on issues of Sex Anorexia
  • 2019-04 Understanding our Financial Triggers and Setting Boundaries
  • 2019-05 Family in Recovery
  • 2019-06 The Decision to Separate: in marriage, with a partner, or from family and friends
  • 2019-07 Saturday COSA Luncheon Speaker - Gayle
  • 2019-08 Empathy: I Feel Ya'
  • 2019-09 Self-Care After Relapse of a Partner
  • 2019-10 Trabajando con Recién llegado: Necesidades y Límites después del descubrimiento
  • 2019-11 COSA/SAA Couples in Recovery
  • 2019-12 Saturday Dinner Guest Speaker - Sandy
  • 2019-13 So What Does the Board Do?
  • 2019-14 Being A Male in COSA: The Inner Thoughts and Inner Voice
  • 2019-15 There is ALWAYS a Meeting: How to Get the Most From Tele, Online, and Face to Face Meetings
  • 2019-16 Healing from Trauma
  • 2019-17 Sunday Dinner Guest Speaker - Ed
  • 2019-18 Sunday Dinner Speaker - Susan K.


***Special Copyright Notice***

As with all COSA products, audio recordings of convention speakers and workshops are under copyright owned by the ISO of COSA, Inc. Therefore, please do not duplicate or forward the recordings for use by others. (http://cosa-recovery.org/